Monday, April 25, 2016

Game Summary: Stockton vs. Inland (4/23/16)

Stockton Ports (Oakland A+): 

Daniel Gossett (RHP) -

Average built through upper half; slighter shoulder definition, lean quick twitch, minimal muscle mass, athletic build; narrow and tapered through lower half, minimal mass through legs; wiry limbs; at physical maturity, limited increases to physicality; lower risk and maintenance for frame. Above average arm speed; explosive, exerted through arm acceleration; stiff, deliberate load; lacks fluidity; compact arm path, high 3/4; rocks into motion from set, slightly oriented to first base side of rubber, hands break at chest; hands slightly more away from body for curveball; controlled leg kick, varies pace of kick to aid deception; front oriented towards third base side from stretch, perpendicular to third base basepath; shows varying slighter kick (1.18-1.24) and quick pitch (1.03-1.08) variations, remains able to replicate stride, shows quality strength; athletic, controlled strong drive; shoulder tilt, slight spine tilt, limited torque through delivery; inverted firm foot strike; lacks clean finish through arm deceleration recoil; departed appearance with back stiffness; possesses enough back of rotation athleticism, stresses on shoulder with minimized torque and stiffness increase risk through profile. Fastball 90-93 T94; flashes late life and quality extension to pitch; inconsistent run in lower band, shows firm earlier action frequently, inconsistent achievement of quality running action; shows acumen in ability to work north and alter sightline, good downhill plane; able to work east-west within zone; stiffness to finish alters command frequently; average command potential; pitch shows above average potential. Curveball 79-82; tight spinning above average 12-6; improved extension and consistency from spring training; able to orient hand on top of pitch with compact arm path; shows innate ability to snap quality spin; inconsistencies in subtracting to pitch and throwing for strikes; services as chase offering at present, feel must improve to actualize potential; above average potential. Changeup 82-84; flashes quality fading action and arm speed replication, varying drives aid deception of pitch; inconsistent feel in being able to throw for strikes at present; shows firm at times, overthrown in instances, shoulders can open; above average depth and late action flashes, potential weak contact pitch; above average potential. Cutter 83-87; shows late hard action and more frequently true loose sweeping slider sort of shape; inconsistent feel for pitch at present; flashes average depth; struggles to throw for strikes at present; shoulders leak occasionally on pitch, inconsistent extension and arm speed replication, arm drags and slows; still adapting to achieving feel for pitch; fringe potential. Shows enough athleticism and acumen alongside adequate stuff to function within a back end rotation capacity at the highest level; physicality and stiffness presents significant risk; realistic swing arm, ceiling #4 starter in rotation (High Risk)

Kyle Finnegan (RHP) -

Long limbed; high waisted; moderate base to shoulders, muscular shoulders and chest; thick thighs; wider base through hips; muscular forearms; sturdy build with length; moderate maintenance, at physical maturity, will begin decline within next couple years; shows present strength through upper half; moderate risk. Lacks strength through drive; poor stride replication, firm foot strike, inverted, front collapses on foot strike; frequently falls off backwards towards first base side unintentionally, completely opens front half; shoulder tilt, loads shoulders, spine tilt; over-the-top arm slot, stab, lacks fluidity through arm action, deteriorated as outing progressed; above average arm speed; shows ease to arm acceleration, decelerates cleanly; limited strength and athleticism in ability to replicate stride significantly limits command projection. Fastball 91-93 T95; flashes good extension and late natural tailing life; aided by arm speed and deception of moving parts; flashes cut action to pitch, decent action, inconsistent feel to consistently achieve it; well below average command; shows late life and explosion in higher band, firmer moderate run through lower bands; command projection limited, present thrower; has yet to see command or strength development within professional environment; fringe potential. Curveball 78-82; inconsistent spin and slower rolling rotation at times; flashes average depth sporadically, achieved on greater chase depth to pitch; shows ability to deliberately subtract to pitch and lessen shape, throw for strikes with softer spinning action; some moderate feel for pitch; fringe potential. Changeup 83-85; firm fading action; poor arm speed replication on pitch; flashes softer earlier depth to pitch; shows predominantly with mild firm sinking life; lacks fluidity through arm action conducive for pitch development; below average potential. Presently limited strength and natural athleticism prevent actualization of profile; realistic organizational depth, ceiling emergency bullpen arm (Moderate Risk)

Lou Trivino (RHP) -

Slightly high waisted; thick through trunk and torso, big butt; thick thighs, compact torso; wide base through hips; present excess through midsection and trunk; limited flexibility and athleticism; body presently shows as soft, extreme maintenance to prevent further weight gain; high risk build, reaching physical decline; at physical maturity, no further positive projection. Average arm speed; stab; slight shoulder tilt; stiff arm acceleration, violent recoil to finish; head whack through finish; pitches from stretch, slightly towards third base side of rubber; slight inward kick and large turn; collapses back half, greater incorporation of rotational torque from previous year; firm foot strike, slightly inverted; shoulders fly open sporadically; minimal deception; 3/4 slot; limited strength through drive. Fastball 95-98; hard natural tailing action to pitch, action begins early, poor feel to pitch at present; catches plate frequently, easily able to be tracked; mixes late hard cut action and explosive life to pitch as well, shows good extension and quality late life; below average command at present; stiffness and present strength place limitation on command potential; significant velocity increase from previous year; struggles to work with downhill plane consistently, lacks pitching acumen and feel for pitch at present, limited projection though velocity provides potential in limited capacity; above average potential within bullpen. Cutter 88-90; hard sweeping action to gloveside; arm drags on occasion, fails to generate consistent late action to pitch, very poor immature feel for pitch at present; unable to throw for strikes or subtract to dimension; slight late cut and dive at times; potential for weak contact in situational bullpen capacity; fringe potential. Curveball 78-82; quality tight spinning rotation and plus depth, good spike action and 12-6 shape; struggles to subtract to pitch and throw consistently for strikes, possesses innate ability to snap quality spin; elevates slot, action starts early from release, can be tracked from bats with neurological abilities to do so; depth to pitch provides potential swing-and-miss in situational role, limited projection off fastball command; average potential. Changeup 84-87; firm mild sinking action, poor extension and inconsistent arm speed replication; slows arm for softer fade in lower band; poor depth and action achieved to pitch; arm action not conducive for pitch development; lacks feel for pitch at present, struggles to throw for strikes and command; well below average potential. High maintenance frame and poor aptitude on mound place significant risk on bullpen exclusive profile; limited command and feel, at age nearing beginning of physical decline, potential for situational utility at highest level; realistic emergency bullpen arm, ceiling right handed situational bullpen arm (High Risk)

Rob Huber (RHP) -

Smaller stature, compact build; limited length through limbs; very thick set through trunk, soft through midsection; wide base through hips, large chest with some definition to shoulders; stocky built soft frame without projection, at physical maturity, approaching physical decline; high maintenance build. Below average arm speed, poor arm action, stab; 3/4 slot, elevates for spin; slight shoulder tilt, large head whack through extension; shoulders leak through on spin at times, remained closed through majority of appearance; violence to exerted stiff arm acceleration, violent recoil through finish; moderate leg kick, drifts towards plate at height of kick and shows rotation through drive frequently; limited strength, inverted foot strike; lacks arm action and physical projection to project in anything other than limited bullpen capacity. Fastball 88-92 T93; shows decent life and late tail to pitch, able to work pitch north-south and achieve adequate plane; slight run in lower band, can add to pitch when necessary; flashes decent extension to pitch; well below average command, struggles to consistently throw pitch for strikes, poor athleticism and limited strength place severe limitations on command projection from present state; fringe pitch. Curveball 74-79; elevates arm slot, exaggerated 12-6 shape, average depth, consistent spin achieved to pitch; can throw for strikes with exaggerated two plane dimension, locate arm and glove side within zone; can show ability to increase depth slightly and command out of zone, struggles to subtract to pitch, easily tracked from release; below average potential. Slider 82-85; inconsistent poor feel for newly acquired pitch, flashes tight spinning action and quality tilt sporadically, no semblance of zone with offering at present; arm drags; very poor replication of action, shows softer sweeping shape and mild cutter like action at times; flashes spin enough to potentially develop, limited projection given lack of future fastball command; below average potential. Changeup 83-86; firm mild sinking action to pitch, shows slight fade and depth without arm speed replication, poor feel and deception from altering incumbent exerted delivery, minimal action and utility given profile; organizational pitch. Significant maintenance build and lack of command provide little value and utility through profile; realistic organizational arm, ceiling emergency bullpen arm (High Risk)

Position Notes -

- James Harris shows a compact, present fast twitch build and mass through chest with a thick explosive lower half; wider base to hips presents potential maintenance to frame through continual maturity. Shows explosive straight line footspeed; 4.40, 4.44 turns from right side, 4.32 to first with minimal effort; present 7 runner. Shows average bat speed; slight lift, below average raw, swing not conducive to actualize in game; hands show explosiveness, fairly loose; struggles with late extension through contact, slight coil through hips, balanced slight weight transfer; opens front half, lacks flexibility through hips; cuts inner third; shows ability to track slow tumbling spin and keep hands back, decent approach at plate, lacks two strike approach; inconsistent first step, footspeed plays lesser laterally in field; poor effort on balls and lackadaisical given game situation, frequent poor body language and effort through game. 

-BJ Boyd with large build; squat, stocky with wide base and significant mass through trunk, big butt, barrel chested, definition to shoulders, fast twitch twitch muscular thighs, muscular forearms; extreme maintenance through maturity, present fast twitch athleticism throughout. Hands show explosiveness, slight lift; predominantly linear with minimal loft, below average raw; swing not conducive to actualize in game; slighter downward load, diminished bat wrap; hands drift often; slightly rotational, lacks coil; average bat speed; shows two strike approach, slight outward toe tap transfer; cuts hips through weight transfer, hands start out over plate, exploitable inner third; stiff wrists; inconsistent balance and transfers at plate; struggles tracking spin from release, may have neurological deficiency; poor effort in field, inconsistent first step and finish to routes; inconsistent reads, haphazard routes at times, well below average arm strength; utility likely limited to corner. 

-Mikey White slighter through midsection from previous Instructional League and Spring; definition to shoulders, tapered through lower half, lean muscular build; wider base to hips relative to shoulders; lean thighs; shows quick twitch athleticism, moderate risk through frame and through maturity; loose hands and fairly loose wrists; arm bar; decelerates through contact, average bat speed; slight loft, able to backspin to pull, average raw; inconsistent extension through contact, mild barrel control; slight leg kick and rotational weight transfer; cuts hips and inner third; struggles to track spin, likely possesses neurological deficiency identifying spin from release; sluggish first step at shortstop, average foot speed fails to play laterally, inconsistent routes to balls in field, laterally up middle; soft hands, quick release; above average arm strength, varying tail and arm slot at times; mature pace for present game speed; likely relocates right of diamond through maturity. 

-Sandber Pimentel with a large, physical frame; length to limbs, muscular forearms, large hands; excess through midsection; large, boxy torso, definition through shoulders, big butt, condensed length through legs, thick thighs; weight centered through dense trunk; extreme maintenance build through maturity; below average range, stiff hands and poor acumen at first base; struggles to recognize situation, average arm strength; below average at corner. Strong hands and forearms, hands show fairly loose; large lift through zone; moderate load, slight bat wrap; powerful extension; weak stiff wrists; fringe bat speed, can decelerate through contact; punched hips through transfer, large coil and moderate leg kick, struggles to track spin and keep hands back; moderate athleticism at plate; poor barrel control, cuts inner third, lacks flexibility through hips; 6 raw power in cage; sits fastball

-Joe Bennie with a compact build, limited length; slight through legs, majority of mass centered through torso; mild excess through midsection, muscular forearms, definition through shoulders; wider base to hips; approaching physical decline, body at high maintenance and risk through development. Strong, loose hands; stiff wrists; slight load, hitch, hands drift through load, moderate bat wrap; average bat speed, above average raw; strong forearms; slight leg kick, opens front through transfer, leak frequently; inconsistent balance and athleticism at plate; poor extension, slight coil, lacks flexibility through hips; deliberate, stiff transfers; below average glove at second base, stiff hands, poor game pace at present level; fringe range at position, stiff first step and inconsistent reads; average arm strength; struggles to recognize situation at times i.e. hit and run; organizational sort of profile

-Jose Brizuela with a lean, athletic build; definition through shoulders, tapered through lower half and midsection, high waisted; wider base to hips relative to shoulders; trim midsection, some strength through core, lower maintenance build through maturity; no remaining physical projection; below average bat speed; significant leverage, fringe raw to pull, sits fastball out front; approach shows passive early in at-bats; stiff hands and wrists, slight kick, extreme stride and small coil through coil; easily exploitable at plate; hands lack explosiveness, not a fast twitch swing; moderate athleticism at third base, stiff first step, below average range; hands fairly soft; average arm strength. Organizational depth, lacks talent and sufficient baseball acumen

Inland Empire 66ers (Anaheim A+):

Justin Anderson (RHP) -

Majority of weight centered through trunk and torso; minimal mass to limbs, slighter through legs; modest definition to shoulders and chest, wide base through hips; high butt, average built torso; moderate excess through midsection; lacks prototypical fast twitch athletic build, frame at high maintenance through physical maturity; no remaining physical projection. Compact arm path, arm action shows moderate fluidity; exerted arm acceleration, arm decelerates cleanly, average arm speed, slightly higher than 3/4 arm slot; limited arm strength; shoulders fly open frequently; slightly oriented towards first base side of rubber, slight head whack through extension; moderate leg kick, slight rotation and turn; shows strong drive, athleticism; very firm foot strike, late collapse, slightly inverted; hands set at chest, glove slap prior to loading; slaps at greater height for spin; demonstrates moderate stamina and athleticism through replication of drive; opportunity for command potential. Fastball 90-93 T95; more comfortable in lower band, exerted with effort and intensified head whack for higher band; shows inconsistent extension and varying life; moderate run in lower band, consistent late tail and sinking action, slight natural cut achieved to pitch in higher bands; average command; competitive, attacks zone, mixes action; achieves sporadic late life; able to achieve quality downhill plane, seldom works north; mixes effectively and shows aptitude arm and glove side; athleticism provides potential for average command; average potential. Slider 84-87; varying softer spinning depth, shows sporadic mild late dive; good feel for pitch, maintains arm speed and extension for most part, plays with shape to achieve more vertical depth and sweep; lacks premium rotation and spin to pitch; shows confidence in ability to throw backwards, initiate in sequence, demonstrates pitching acumen and feel with pitch; throws for strikes and can spot backdoor with firm sweep through zone; fringe potential. Changeup 84-88; inconsistent arm speed replication and extension; firm fading action and moderate sinking life; flashes softer fade sporadically; inconsistent feel for pitch, improved as outing progressed; achieves later action and fade at times, moderate deception and potential through fastball command; fringe potential. Possesses arm action and athleticism enough to maximize limited ability on mound; realistic emergency middle/long relief bullpen arm, ceiling middle/long relief bullpen arm (High risk)

Dixon Llorens (RHP) -

Stocky set; wide base through hips, thick through torso, barrel chest; present excess through midsection, compact build; lacks length; big butt, thick thighs; no remaining physical projection, approaching physical decline; extreme risk and maintenance build. Exerted, stiff arm acceleration and load; fringe arm speed; sidearm slot; idiosyncratic hurried high leg kick, rotational drive, slight crossfire; poor athleticism and strength, very firm foot strike, inverted; significant forward spine tilt, shoulders fly open, violence through arm declaration; struggles to replicate, lacks athleticism to function consistently on mound. Fastball 86-88; moderate tailing action, varying feel for pitch; below average command and command potential; varying inconsistent action achieved, initiates tail earlier sporadically, minimal quality late life; ability to get hand and wrist on top of pitch from slot and achieve mild plane, mild cut action ache iced to pitch as well; below average potential. Slider 78-81; slower spinning action, sweeping shape through zone, can play with depth sporadically, round pitch and throw for strikes; delivery inhibits pitch utility to armside; decent feel and confidence in offering, slight poor late dive at times; replicates arm speed and extension to pitch, limited through lack of projected fastball command; organizational pitch. Changeup 82-85; firm action and mild fade with lesser arm speed, poor arm speed replication and extension; alters drive to achieve fading action to armside, poor feel for pitch; struggles to throw for strikes, flashes moderate depth, deceptive delivery assists effectiveness to mild extent; organizational pitch. Present utility equivalent to projected ceiling, provides organizational bullpen depth; realistic organizational depth, ceiling organizational depth

Eduardo Paredes (RHP) -

Stocky frame, minimal length; big butt, thick thighs; wide base through hips; large chest, some definition through shoulders; heavy set through hips, significant excess through torso; poor body projection through continual maturity; extreme risk and maintenance build at younger age. Poor arm action, fringe arm speed; mild recoil at times; decelerates fairly cleanly; 3/4 slot; varying extension; crossfire, firm foot strike, slightly inverted; moderate leg kick, extreme back half collapse in conjunction with extreme extension of front leg outward as drive initiates; moderately rotational; shows deceptive athleticism and strength in consistent replication of drive; poor physical projection inhibits command potential, shows competitiveness on mound and pitching acumen. Fastball 90-94; shows slight three way action, flashes good extension to pitch; mild late tail and sinking action, slight natural cut achieved, softer running action with lesser extension, shows more firm with consistent extension; shows below average command, shoulders leak on foot strike frequently; decent arm and core strength; shows ability to sequence and alter batter sightline, work pitch north; moderate athleticism provides some mild projection; average potential. Slider 81-83; good feel for pitch, shows good aptitude; able to add and subtract to shape, achieve more sweeping action, round and flashes mild tilt to pitch; decent spinning action and snap; can throw for strikes and chase through zone; front and back doors pitch, confidence in pitch in sequence regardless of batter handedness; lacks true tilt, more slurve type of shape and action, slight arm drag at times, replicates arm speed consistently; average potential. Changeup 77-82; poor arm speed replication an extension; soft exaggerated fading life, inconsistent feel and late action, struggles to throw for strikes, services as pitch purely as show at present; able to achieve decent depth to soft fade, action initiates earlier and front release frequently; shows slightly firmer variation with poor feel; aided through moderate deception and pitching acumen; below average potential. Extreme maintenance and risk frame places limitation on value, bullpen exclusive capacity and limitation to command projection; realistic organizational arm, ceiling emergency bullpen arm. 

Position Notes -

-Taylor Ward flashes quality lateral range and strong hands behind plate; quiet receiver, strong hands and wrists; above average lateral range, inconsistent blocking mechanics; athletic; shows maturity and leadership attributes defensively; above average arm strength, poor actualization of arm strength during catch-and-throw situations; 2.01, 2.07, 2.09 pop times; poor replication of arm slot and delayed release, arm action takes time to load and initiate; quick feet and explosive from crouch, does not manifest on basepaths or straightline; shows quicker times in between innings with varying arm actions, must develop catch and throw utility to actualize fully behind plate. Fringe bat speed; hands show fairly loose, opens front half; often leaks, lacks flexibility through hips, flashes quality fluid extension; moderate barrel control; average raw with slight lift, struggles to actualize and manifest even in cage at present; muscular shoulders and chest, dense mass through lower half; wider base through hips. Shows moderate passivity early in plate appearances, shows ability to track and barrel spin, keep hands back

-Caleb Adams with a more diminutive, compact build; muscular shoulders and arms; definition through chest, minimal length through lower half; loose wrists, moderate forearm strength; decent extension, hands show fairly stiff; slight bat wrap, late hitch; can cast bat away from body, let barrel do work through swing, below average bat speed, bat drag; below average raw, moderate loft; decent barrel control in game; balanced, controlled weight transfer at plate; can effectively time and barrel as well as track decent spin from release; quick twitch lower half; 4.22 to first from right side, 7.57 first to third; 6 foot speed. Poor lateral agility and reads in right field; inconsistent routes; below average arm strength, limited strictly to corner. 

-Tim Arakawa with a predominantly linear swing, slight lift; below average raw in cage; below average bat speed, stiff hands and wrists, explosiveness through extension; disjointed inconsistent transfers, simultaneous deep coil and long linear transfer; separates hips, leaks frequently; tracks well; aggressive approach, attacks in zone; 4.42, 4.40 turns, above average foot speed; does not manifest in field; stiff, delayed first step, not consistently set on contact, poor lateral range, below average at shortstop; stiff hands, below average arm with varying arm slot and frequently tail; poor arm action on throws

-Zach Houchins lean through frame; slighter build through shoulders, wider base through hips relative to frame; muscular arms and chest, some excess through midsection, possesses moderate length to limbs; average bat speed, strong explosive hands; mild barrel control and poor loft; extends downward; poor plate coverage; slight stiff weight transfer, foot down at release, collapses back half and leaks frequently, high set, moderate bat wrap, barrel takes time to enter zone; above average raw in cage; poor lateral agility at third base; average arm strength, sluggish first step; below average range

-Forrestt Allday with a diminutive, stocky built frame; approaching physical decline; soft through midsection, wide base through hips; moderate definition through shoulders, excess through midsection, thick thighs; dense; limited fast twitch athleticism; well below average footspeed, 4.48 to first base; foot down through weight transfer at release; moderate coil, keeps weight shifted back, mild barrel control, well below average raw; passive at plate; minimal hand strength, stiff wrists and hands, decelerates through contact, well below average bat speed; mild lift; poor lateral agility and routes in center field, below average arm strength; organizational profile

-Jeff Boehm with a large, heavy set frame; weight centered through hips and midsection, mild excess through midsection; boxy torso, broad shoulders, wide base through hips; big butt, thick thighs; slight stiff weight transfer, moderate rotation; mild coil, inconsistent, frequently leaks; struggles to track and keep hands back in game; neurological deficiencies tracking spin; deep load, extreme turn, bat drag; below average bat speed; strength through hands and forearms, loose wrists; moderate loft; plus raw, backspins to all fields; passive approach at plate; stiff hands, limited lateral agility at first base; good picks and moderate flexibility despite lack of length; below average range and glove; extreme maintenance body and risk, left handed raw corner profile

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